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SYRIA / “The Swimmers”, the Netflix project about two refugee sisters who became Olympic champions

Yusra Mardini

“The Swimmers” tells the extraordinary story of two sisters, Sarah and Yusra Mardini, refugees from Syria who became Olympic champions. In 2015 their home was destroyed during the Syrian civil war, so the sisters decided to leave the country. They went first to Lebanon, then to Turkey, hoping to cross the Aegean to get to …

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Dans cette page vous pouvez consulter, en ordre chronologique, le calendrier des festivals et marchés euro-méditerranéens attentifs au développement et à la valorisation du genre documentaire. Un regard spécial sur ceux qui s’occupent en particulier de la promotion du film méditerranéen (même s’ils sont basés loin de la Mare Nostrum). Cliquez sur le mois qui …

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GREECE / Considerable subsidies for the broadcasting sector

greek flag

The Greek government, jointly through the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication (NCAMC) and the Ministry for Digital Policy, has decided to instigate a major reform of the broadcasting sector. Legislative reforms have been adopted to develop the sector, making substantial grants available for Greek production companies or foreign film companies with a branch …

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GREECE / The broadcasting reform not validated by the Council of State

On October 26th the Council of State, Greece’s Supreme Administrative Court, delivered its judgement on whether the broadcasting reforms initiated by Alexis Tsipras’ government are constitutional. Referred to the Council as a last resort by private television channels, the judges invalidated by a narrow majority (14 to 11) the reform which allowed the government to …

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GREECE / The 4 licenses for private channels have been allocated

On September 2nd, after 63 hours of bidding, the Greek government awarded the 4 broadcasting licenses for national television channels it had put up for auction as part of its major broadcasting reform. Beginning on August 30th the auction was held under very strict, closely watched conditions. With the final bids in, three businessmen and …

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GREECE / The return of ERT

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Alexis Tsipras’ radical left-wing government Syriza has kept its promise: at 6.00 am on June 11th, ERT, the acronym of the Greek public service radio and television, returned to TV screens, exactly two years after its sudden closure in 2013 for economic reasons. Sources: lexpansion.lexpress.fr, fr.euronews.com et lemonde.fr  

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GREECE / Nominations to run ERT

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On April 29th the Greek Parliament adopted a law re-instating the country’s public broadcaster ERT: on May 12th the government appointed its Board of Directors. Following a call for candidates, 153 people sent in their CV. Songwriter Dionysis Tsaknis was appointed ERT chairman and journalist Lambis Tagmatarhis, managing director. He held the same job at …

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