Tunisia / the programme “Hikayat Al-Cinema” focusses on Tunisian films for a month

The London-based Al Araby TV has decided that throughout April its weekly programme “Hikayat Al-Cinema” (Stories of Cinema) will honour Tunisia. The programme, intended for the general public, is produced by the British production company “Nostalgia Media”, itself run by the Egyptian producer Hany Beshr. The programme’s creators want to encourage the Arab public’s interest in cinema.

There will be four 30-minute episodes, broadcast every Tuesday in April at 7.30 pm (Tunis time). Each episode will begin with news about film personalities, followed by vox-pops with film-goers and then a documentary about that particular episode’s main subject.

On the menu: international productions made in Tunisia (like “Star Wars”), the history of Tunisian cinema, especially the way the film landscape has changed since the 2011 Tunisian revolution allowing a new generation of film-makers to show previously taboo subjects.

The last episode will focus on the training available in Tunisia for film professions.

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Source: HuffPost Maghreb

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