Tunisia / Evolution of the Tunisian film sector since 2014

The cultural and cinematographic sectors of the Tunisian economy are doing better and better.

Between 2014 and the last quarter of 2019, the culture budget has almost doubled, to the benefit of the film industry. Over three years the CNCI has distributed €4,209,084 (13.2 million dinars) to 150 films in production. Tunisian-French co-productions have been given €253,143 (794,000 dinars) over two years, while recently created festivals received €163,575 (513,000 dinars).

Four creative start-ups for the film industry have been helped and several additional cinemas have opened. Most are part of the eight-cinema Pathé multiplex in Tunis, a first in Africa. When Ben-Ali was toppled in 2011 there were a dozen cinemas, today that has doubled. However, in the country they are still very rare: more than half are in the Tunis region.

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