Tunisia / A new Tunisian action series : # 27

Every year Tunisian television channels schedule many new programmes during Ramadan, and this year writer/director Yousri Bouassida will present his new television series # 27.

# 27

The series is named after a specialised anti-terrorist unit within the Tunisian army. The series will be as much about the daily lives of these soldiers, following their family stories as well as their military ones.

# 27 has received support from the Ministry of National Defence, the National Army, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, as well as the presidency of the Tunisian government.
There are many well-known Tunisian actors in the cast: Hichem Rostem, Raouf Ben Amor, Asma Ben Othman, Dorsaf Mamlouk, Amel Alouan and Jamila Chihi are all part of this project.

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