Romania / Post-production completed for Lebensdorf

Romanian director Valentin Hotea is currently finalizing his second feature, Lebensdorf, about a fictional writer, Ducu Dobrescu, faced with mid-life crisis. As he leaves Bucharest to take part in a creative residency in Berlin, Dobrescu thinks about his future, unable to make up his mind between two countries and two women. The director describes his film as a “sweet and sour comedy” about emotional immaturity, indecision and lack of responsibility.

Ducu Dobrescu is played by Mimi Brănescu

The film’s budget is €1.2 million, a third of which comes from the Romanian National Film Centre. The project has also received support from the EU’s Creative Europe MEDIA programme and Romanian national television.

Lebensdorf is produced by HiFilm Productions, and is co-produced by the Romanian companies Chainsaw Europe Studio, Abis Studio, Production XMG Media and Scharf Film Production.

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