Morocco / Audiences increase for 2M

The private national Moroccan channel broke audience records during the first week of Ramadan. During the first day of the Islamic month of fasting, 2M obtained an average of 50.6% of audience share, even higher in the first half of the evening, at 61.6%.

The holy month’s first week ends exceptionally well for 2M, and the forecast is positive,” the channel announced in a statement. These good results are mainly due to programmes which appeal to a varied public, such as Mchiti Fiha, a hidden camera programme watched by 12.6 million viewers, 74% of audience share. Or the sitcom Al Bhaja Tani followed by 10.6 million viewers.

The second part of the evening also attracted Moroccans as they settled in front of their television sets, with two new series (Azzaima and Qsar el Bacha) each attracting about 4 million viewers.

These very strong figures can be explained in large part by “2M’s commitment to meet the expectations of its viewers through diversified programming, with the aim of satisfying the various different sections of the population. It does this by favouring national productions, which make up more than 80% of the schedule and include drama, entertainment, current affairs and local programmes.”

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