Italy – Croatia / 26th COPEAM annual conference

COPEAM, the Conférence Permanente pour l’Audiovisuel Méditerranéen, is a non-profit organization dedicated to dialogue and cultural cooperation across the Mediterranean region, involving the principal players of the broadcasting industry, including the public radio and television companies from 27 countries in the sector.

Every year it organizes a conference which questions the role of the media in regard to various Mediterranean issues. Its 26th edition will be hosted this year by HRT, Croatian Radio-Television, and held from April 4th to 6th in Split, Croatia. Media professionals will be invited to reflect on the topic “Societies in Change: Communicating Diversity”.

As Claudio Cappon, general secretary of COPEAM, explains, the choice of this theme is part of a specific context: “In recent years we have witnessed the rise of political, cultural and social positions which consider diversity, in its broadest sense, an enemy to be destroyed.  They claim a return to nationalist ideas of identity, ideas which are opposed to the historical nature of the Mediterranean, which has always been a crossroads of diversity.”

The conference will highlight the role of the media in portraying the Other and diversity.

The registration deadline is Friday February 15th 2019.

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