ISRAEL / Palestinian children at the heart of Ada Ushpiz’ Children

Israeli film-maker Ada Ushpiz has completed her latest documentary, Children, focussing on children living in the Palestinian territories. This feature-length film had its world premiere at the DOK Leipzig festival end of October.

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In 2015, Ada Ushpiz was working as a reporter for the Israeli daily Haaretz when the Knife Intifada broke out. Children follows two young girls affected by this wave of violence: 6-year-old Dareen and 12 year-old Dima. The documentary’s opening scene shows Dima being released from prison. Meanwhile Dareen learns the history of Palestine from Israeli books. Their teacher prompts them to think with their heads as they look at the blank pages. The director wants to show how children live and think. Despite their situation, they yearn for the same things as all other children: going to school, spending time with friends and being able to swim in the sea.

Ada Ushpiz established an extremely close bond with Dima, Dareen and their families. The relationships and dynamics of their lives emerge very clearly during the documentary’s 128 minutes, with the audience becoming completely immersed in these children’s world.

Children is co-produced by Cinephil.

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