Greece / ERT re-opens


“Rules for the Public Broadcasting Organization”, a bill legislating for the reopening of ERT, the Greek public broadcaster, was passed by the parliament in Athens on night of April 28th to 29th.
Back in 2013, ERT’s sudden closure for economic reasons caused shock waves around the world. During his policy speech to the new Greek parliament on February 8th, prime minister Alexis Tsipras announced ERT would be reopened by legislation, calling the closure “a crime against the Greeks and against democracy”. So, an electoral promise fulfilled. Replacing Nerit, ERT will thus resume its original place. Also as indicated in the bill, those dismissed (1,550) will be reinstated if they wish. The law also states that “ERT’s budget will total €60 million a year, to be funded by a license fee fixed at 3 euros a month.”

Sources : Express, OJM, le figaro


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