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Christos Massalas

Greek writer and director Christos Massalas is currently filming Broadway. His previous short films have been shown in several festivals, but this is his first feature. It’s about four young thieves in modern-day Athens. Nelly, Barbara, Rudolph and Mohammad are a team specialising in two arts: dance and pick-pocketing. While Nelly and Barbara dance to grab the attention of passers-by, Rudolph and Mohammad mingle with the crowd and dig inside their pockets to steal wallets and smartphones. After a day’s work, they return to Broadway, an abandoned entertainment complex which has become their hide-out. But things change when Nelly’s boyfriend gets out of prison.

Neda Film producer Amanda Livanou says the production “was an exciting adventure, but bumpy”. She was referring to a major setback in March. A week before the scheduled start they had to postpone filming because of the Covid pandemic. “We are now in the second phase of filming, which will be over soon,” she explained.

Christos Massalas says his film is a cross between a musical and a “heist” film. Broadway is a co-production between Neda Film (Greece), Blue Monday Productions (France) and Digital Cube (Romania). It received support from a Franco-Greek co-production fund set up by the CNC in November 2019. The film has also received support from the Greek Film Centre, Eurimages and EKOME.

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