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The Bible 50/50 is a reference directory of and for film and audiovisual professionals. Created by the Collectif 50/50, its aim is to give visibility to those who are often passed over unseen, in order to encourage employers to select the most diverse professional profiles possible.

Bible 50/50

France Télévisions has joined forces with the Collectif 50/50 and other partners (Groupe 25 Images, PFDM (Pour les Femmes dans les Médias), SACD, SPI and USPA) to make the Bible 50/50 the go-to directory for women directors. SACD, Groupe 25 Images, 50/50 and PFDM will encourage their female members to register in the Bible 50/50, while France Télévisions and producers who are members of SPI or USPA will use to it to find specialist directors.

This partnership shows that the different groups are actively identifying and promoting women directors – it also follows France Télévisions’ promise to have 30% of the dramas it pre-finances directed by women by the end of 2021.

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