France / France Télévisions launches Culturebox, a temporary new cultural channel

In early February the France Télévisions group launched a new channel, CultureBox, to support the world of culture during the current crisis. Accessible on the TNT channel canal 19 and on the site, it is “100% dedicated to culture, performing arts and artists.”

During the day the channel retransmits documentaries and cultural programmes from the public broadcasting group.

At the end of the afternoon, programmes like VinyleBasique and Moonwalk offer musical encounters and portraits of inspiring personalities.

Every evening at 8:35 p.m. “Culturebox, l’émission” offers viewers “live programmes, interviews, artistic performances, happenings, discoveries from the regions and overseas, as well as guest portraits.”

Free, but not a permanent fixture, Culturebox wants to be “the largest stage in France”, offering artists and creators a space to show their work until the country’s cultural venues reopen.

The channel also hopes to meet French people’s desire for more “culture in its broadest sense.”

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