Egypt / Mr. Purple and the freedom to choose

Mr. Purple is a short Egyptian animated film directed by Osama Abu Zaid, produced by Ahmed Abdel Rahim, with music by Hany Shenouda and the voice of Ramy Hussein.


The film explores the concept of freedom of choice. The director emphasizes the need for diversity and its impact on our lives. The story is about the way the authorities try to intimidate Mr. Purple and force him to think in conformity with the standards they have decreed. With this short film, Osama Abu Zaid says clearly that opinions cannot be forced on others.

Mr. Purple
Image from the short film

The film was shown earlier this year at the Elhamma International Festival in Qabis (Tunisia), where it won the Bronze Award. Mr. Purple was also well-received at the Karama Human Rights Film Festival in 2019.

Most recently, it was selected for the 11th Golden Kuker International Animation Film Festival in Sofia (Bulgaria). Mr. Purple will represent Egypt at this festival, which was originally scheduled to take place in May, but which, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, will take place between September 1st and 6th.

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