Algeria / EPTV invests nearly 2 million euros in making programmes for Ramadan 2018

For the third consecutive year, Algerian television has decided to broadcast its own productions during Ramadan rather than buying foreign programmes.

Tewfik Khelladi, EPTV’s Director General, announced that 18 home-grown programmes will be broadcast during Ramadan 2018, with a budget of 250 million Algerian dinars (about 1.8 million euros). To produce that many programmes while still controlling their budgets, the EPTV has resorted to sponsorship. Several series have been made, as well as artistic and cultural programmes, hidden-camera programmes, children’s programmes etc.

Tewfik Khelladi also said these programmes will be available on EPTV’s official website, as well as on social networks, thus adapting to new ways of consuming broadcasting products.

Source: Dia-Algerie

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