France / 10th CMCA/INA Training session

From July 3rd to 10th seven journalists from across the Mediterranean came to Marseilles to take part in the 10th training session for writing news reports based on film archives.

Created in 2008 and organised by the CMCA (Centre Méditerranéen de la Communication Audiovisuelle) and INA (Institut National de l’Audiovisuel), these training sessions give journalists from Mediterranean television companies the chance to learn about using broadcasting archives.

After two days of theory – explaining the legal and technical aspects of archiving – the trainees then make several reports all on the same subject, combining images they shoot in Marseilles with archive material provided by the INA. This session’s subject was “Sport in Marseilles”.

The journalists also visited the premises of France 3 Marseille, where they discussed with their contemporaries from France Télévisions the different ways their respective countries’ daily news bulletins are conceived and written. The question of how archives are used in the news obviously occupied a central place in the discussions.

Throughout the course, the trainees were supervised by Franco REVELLI (CMCA), François MOUREN-PROVENSAL and Stéphane PACHOT.

They also had teaching support from Geneviève BEAUCOURT (INA’s head of analysis and rights clearance), Philippe GERRIER (head of backup and digitization at INA Archives), Sophie GILLERY (archivist at INA Méditerranée), and Gilles TRENEL (Editor-in-Chief, France 2 – Special Operations).

Those taking part in this 10th CMCA / INA Training session were:
– Samira LAQBAQBI (2M, Morocco)
– Saïd ZIATI (2M, Morocco)
– Asma LOUNNAS (EPTV, Algeria)
– Saida MAYOUF (EPTV, Algeria)
– Marijana PODGORELEC (HRT, Croatia)
– Hayet RADHOUANI (Télévision Tunisienne)
– Khadija SOUA (
Télévision Tunisienne)

Click here to view the different reports made by the trainees:
Un vélo nommé « désir »
, made by Hayet RADHOUANI, Saida MAYOUF and Saïd ZIATI
Générations OM
, made by Samira LAQBAQBI and Marijana PODGORELEC
Roule la boule
, made by Khadija SOUA and Asma LOUNNAS

Click here to watch the making of this training session.


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