Turkey / A film festival at Ayvalık organised by Başka Sinema

To celebrate its fifth anniversary, Başka Sinema, a Turkish independent film distributor, is organising a festival on the Aegean coast from October 5th to 10th. The festival director is Azize Tan, who has run the distribution company since 2016. He has also supervised the Istanbul Film Festival for almost ten years.

There will be public screenings of forty Turkish and foreign films as well as lectures, workshops and concerts throughout the event. The screenings will take place in the town’s cinema and also in the open air.

By making the event permanent, Başka Sinema (Another Cinema) wants Ayvalık to become synonymous with Turkish film. The company is also setting up film-oriented summer camps and other structures to support the 7th art.

The festival’s principal sponsor is the Kariyo & Ababay Vakfi, a Turkish foundation which aims to promote culture across the country. It will present a Best Director award which comes with nearly €14,000.

At the end of September, the 55th Antalya Film Festival will also be held in Turkey. For more details visit this web-site: https://www.dailysabah.com/cinema/2018/09/12/best-of-world-cinema-to-compete-in-antalya-festival.

ayvalik film festival

Source: Daily Sabah

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