Tunisia / Creation of Doc House, a structure for documentaries in Tunisia

Doc House, an independent organisation for encouraging and promoting documentaries in Tunisia and North Africa, was opened at the end of October by a group of Tunisian directors and academicians. Soumaya Bouallegui, a film director and Doc House’ executive director, said the goal is to encourage both the distribution of documentaries and networking among professionals. Within the collective the documentary is seen as a tool of awareness, knowledge and entertainment, accessible to all Tunisians.

Doc House wants to support film-makers in the development phase of their projects and in the production of their films. It hopes to develop links between the people working in broadcasting and help documentaries get shown.

Soumaya Bouallegui

Soumaya Bouallegui

Presenting Doc House, Soumaya Bouallegui detailed the project: “The association will deal with four axes: to strengthen the capacities of emerging documentary film-makers, to support directors in the documentation and research phases, to support networking between professionals and emerging film-makers and to spread documentary culture among children.”

The writer and art critic Naceur Sardi, also a founding member of Doc House, presented an inventory of Tunisian documentaries, “Observe the Real, Show History: the Tunisian documentary from 2008 to 2017”. His study is based on a non-exhaustive list of documentaries produced between 2008 and 2017. 178 films were identified according to specific criteria to provide a faithful portrait of the documentary in Tunisia. The results provide an insight into the problems facing the form and the solutions which could help it. A statistical analysis, using the data collected, will soon be available on the organization’s website.


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