Tunisia / Appeal of the Association des Réalisateurs de Films Tunisiens

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On October 5th the Association of Tunisian Film Directors (ARFT) called on the government to drop their two-week ban on demonstrations. Only the country’s cultural and artistic community is being affected by this measure. The ARFT believes that strict application of health protocols is enough to counter the spread of the coronavirus.

The Association of Tunisian Film Directors complained the government had taken this decision without consulting those working in the sector. The National Union of Dramatic Arts Teachers called the government’s decision “one-sided”. The ARFT’s position is the same as actors who, on Monday morning, protested by organising a sit-in at the Cité de la Culture.

The ARFT said it is “urgent to treat culture as an essential sector.” The Association reminded the government that theirs is a category “able to offer more resources and more jobs during this difficult economic crisis which is putting the country under economic and social pressure.”

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