The OPEN Media Hub launches a production support programme

OPEN Media Hub has launched a call for “expressions of interest for production support”, a programme to enable television and on-line journalists in countries bordering the European Union (EU), and in particular in the eight countries of the southern Mediterranean shore, to create content related to the European Union.

This call is for short film projects (between 1 minute 30 and 1 minute 45) on the theme “Being 20”. The projects must look at the lives of 20-year-olds in general: what challenges, both personal and professional, do they face; what defines this generation etc.

Through the programme, professional journalists from 12 countries (Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia) will benefit not only from financial support but also from practical advice which will allow them to produce their stories and have them shown at an appropriate level of quality.

More broadly, this initiative aims to raise public awareness of the actions and impact of the European Neighbourhood Policy, to increase interest in European issues and to give greater exposure to analytical and in-depth audiovisual programmes.

Click here to apply:
The call is open until September 29th 2017 (21.00 CET).

The OPEN Media Hub, funded by the EU, is a project to create a virtual media hub encompassing all the countries bordering the EU, both East and South. It has been set up by a consortium led by the Thomson Foundation (United Kingdom). It is one of the three building blocks of the EU’s OPEN Neighbourhood programme, which seeks to improve knowledge of EU actions in neighbouring countries. The CMCA (Mediterranean Centre for Audiovisuel Communication) works in partnership with the OPEN Media Hub.


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