Spain / Vampus Horror Tales continues filming

Vampus Horror Tales is an anthology of horror stories presented by the sinister Mr. Fettes. Every night this gravedigger exhumes the bodies he has buried earlier in the day. Nicknamed Vampus, he is passionate about horror comics and leads the viewer into four love stories. They take place in turn in a theme park, a wedding hall, a cabin in the mountains and in a world in the grip of a strange pandemic.

Vampus Horror Tales
Promotional image of Vampus Horror Tales

Structured as an anthology, this feature is a real homage to the horror film genre. Producer Erika Elizalde said “it follows in the footsteps of the films produced by Amicus and films based on comic books like Tales from the Crypt and Creepy, with their host or presenter introducing the stories.”

The project was made with ten hands: four Spanish directors and one Uruguayan. It was filmed in Gran Canaria, Madrid and Montevideo (Uruguay). Although it began before the lockdown, the Instituto de la Cinematografia y de las Artes Audiovisuales allowed it to restart as lock-down eased. But the obligatory safety measures have altered the film’s progress. Filming days are longer because of the continual hand-washing and disinfection measures. Also some sequences had to be reworked, in particular scenes involving two characters having physical contact and scenes shot indoors.

Vampus Horror Tales is filmed in black and white and in CinemaScope. It is produced by Argot Films.

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