Spain / The Audiovisual Madrid Association fights for the integration of people with disabilities

The Audiovisual Madrid Association (AMA) has signed a collaboration agreement with Plena Inclusión Madrid, a group of organisations for people with intellectual disabilities, to help them find training and employment in the film and television industry.
Plena Inclusión Madrid’s CEO, Efe Javier Luengo, pointed out that the employment ratio of people with intellectual disabilities is about 20%. He feels the success of Javier Fesser’s film “Champions”, with its cast of actors with disabilities, was a turning point and helped raise public awareness about the situation. The group would like to see people with disabilities also integrated behind the camera.
Puy Oria, AMA’s chief operating officer, has often emphasised that producers are encouraged by law to hire people with disabilities. Grants are given to feature film projects which include disabled workers in their staff.

Source: lavanguardia


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