Screening documentary “The Lost Signal of Democracy”

“The Lost Signal of Democracy”
Screening organised by the CMCA
in partnership with the Alcazar and Marseille’s
Centre Régional d’Information Jeunesse



Yorgos Avgeropoulos’ documentary “The Lost Signal of Democracy”, winner of the Reportage Award at the 2014 PriMed, will be screened at the Alcazar Library in Marseille on Saturday, May 30th at 2:00 pm. Thomais Papaioannou, former Paris correspondent of the Greek public broadcaster ERT, will also be present.

On June 11th 2013, the Greek government unexpectedly closed down the public broadcaster, ERT. After 75 years of continuous broadcasting, all radio and television frequencies were suddenly silenced, leaving only a blank screen – a move which shocked Greek viewers and caused waves of international reaction.

Click on the image to view an extract of the film.

Born in Athens, Yorgos AVGEROPOULOS is a journalist and documentary film-maker. He has worked for Greek television as a correspondent during the conflicts in Bosnia, Croatia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Palestine. In 2000 he made the documentary series “Exandas”.

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