Morocco / The committee supporting film festivals promises 530,000€ for 21 festivals

On June 7th and 8th the Commission d’aide à l’organisation des festivals cinématographiques selected 21 festivals and events for which it will provide financial support in 2018, totalling more than 530,000 euros. The main beneficiaries of this allocation of funds are:

– The organiser of this year’s 24th Tetouan International Festival of Mediterranean Film will receive 153,000€

– The 7th Oujda Film Festival, organized by the Association Ciné Maghreb, will receive 72,000€

– The 10th Agadir International Documentary Film Festival will receive 63,000€

– The Aïcha Foundation, organising the 17th Meknes International Animation Festival, will receive 54,000€, as will the 7th Dakhla International Film Festival

– The 9th Chefchaouen International Environmental Film Festival and the 11th Issni N’Ourgh International Festival of Amazighe Film will both receive 14,000€

– The following will each receive 11,000€: the 19th Sidi Kacem Festival of Moroccan Short Film (Cine-Club Association), the 7th Oued Noun Film Festival in Guelmim (Association of young creators), the 6th National Meeting of Marginal Cinema (Association Achacha Alfiddia), the 10th International Souss Short Film Meeting at Ait Melloul (Commedia Workshop on Cinematographic Creation / Ait Melloul) and the 7th International Human Rights Documentary Festival (Southern Centre of the Seventh Art of Guelmim).




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