Italy / Tablets and Desktops exempt from the licence fee

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Having announced plans to include the television licence fee in electricity and gas bills, the Italian Government clarified its position on which audiovisual media would be affected by the broadcasting tax a few days before the bill was presented to Parliament.

On October 22nd the Italian Under Secretary of State for Communications, Antonello Giacomelli (photo), said households which only have PCs, tablets or smartphones would not be subject to the licence fee, “at least for the moment”.

If the bill is passed only those with a television or radio will be taxed. However, according to Giacomelli, the payment of an electricity bill “presupposes possession of a television set”. Quoting ISTAT figures, he said that 97% of Italian households possess a television or radio, yet this “is not reflected by the current system of taxation.

Very unpopular in Italy, the licence fee, known as the “canone Rai” should decrease from €113 to €100 if the new system is endorsed.

Sources : Ansa, Telecompaper


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