Italy / A docu-drama about Pompeii

2018/2019 saw the most important excavations in Pompeii for the past 70 years, part of an Italian initiative, Great Pompeii Project. The dig uncovered a street, several houses and about fifteen victims. The information pieced together with DNA analysis of the bodies enabled the archaeologists not only to understand more about the people they had uncovered but also to reconstruct their homes, their lives and exactly how they died.

Everyday during the excavation cameras from France Télévisions followed the discoveries being made. Les dernières heures de Pompéi shows what they found and includes reconstructed scenes of the city’s inhabitants’ final moments based on these discoveries. For this part the newly uncovered street was reconstructed in a studio in Bulgaria.

Image from studio shooting

Stéphane Millière, head of GEDON (a company specializing in documentary production), is behind this docu-drama. He worked with director Pierre Stine and the director of the dig, Massimo Osanna, who speaks about the progress of the work.

Starting at 8.50 p.m. on Thursday March 26th, each episode will be shown on France 5 as part of the magazine Science grand format.

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