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26e MedFilm

The theme of the 26th MedFilm Festival was “a new way of being together.” All the selected films were available on the Mymovies platform from November 9th to 15th.

This year’s festival featured 70 films from 30 different countries – 38 of them being screened in Italy for the first time. The official competition, for the Amore & Psyche Award, presented 8 films. They explored various topics: the emancipation of women through sport (Lift Like a Girl by Mayye Zayed), the housing emergency (La última primavera by Isabel Lamberti), the contradictions of modern Turkey (Ghosts by Azra Deniz Okyay) and the decolonization of the past (Sandlines by Francis Alÿs). Three were reflections on cinema itself – Shakram Mokri’s Careless Crime, The Death of Cinema and Dani Rosenberg’s My Father Too. Finally Guillaume Brac’s À l’abordage and Tarzan and Arab Nasser’s Gaza mon amour both reflect gently on friendship and love.

In the Short Films category 21 films from 18 countries across the Euro-Mediterranean area were in competition.

In addition to the conferences and masterclasses, there were two new features on the programme:
– a retrospective showing 6 past finalists of Lux Film Days, an event highlighting new European film talent.
– a retrospective called “Tomorrow, Algeria.” With 8 films shown online, it gave a preview of the next generation of Algerian cinema.

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