Greece / TIFF encourages Greek productions

The Thessaloniki Film Festival (TIFF) is scheduled to take place from November 5th to 15th. The festival’s figure-head for this 61st edition will be Greek actress Katia Goulioni.
To deal with the unprecedented crisis facing the film industry this year, TIFF has decided to specifically support Greek productions. Given the festival’s many activities there are several ways it can do this.


– The programme “Meet the future” has been renewed. The idea is to present young professionals from different fields related to directing. This year eight directors of photography of Greek films have been selected.
– The number of Greek projects presented during the Crossroads Co-production Forum has been increased.
– During the Agora Lab there will be a development workshop for Greek projects. Film professionals will offer advice to Greek film-makers who have a project at the editing stage.
– TIFF is also strengthening its collaboration with the International Festival of Short Drama Films. The winning films will be screened at the Agora Film Market where many film professionals will have the chance to see them.

Katia Goulioni sums up the festival’s role: “the TIFF Agora must fulfil an essential role: support all three stages of production (development, post-production, sales) in every way possible, so that we can continue to make and see films.”

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