France / The Ateliers Varan launch a candidate call for a training workshop

The Varan Workshops have launched a call for applications for their training programme “Producing documentary films in practice”, which will be held from September 2nd to October 19th in Ajaccio.

This intense training workshop will enable participants to come to grips with the fundamentals of making documentary films and acquire a certain freedom as  film-makers. After sessions on technical aspects, analysis of well-known documentaries, researching projects and writing scripts, each person will shoot a short film on a shared theme. Editing the film with a professional editor will then help each participant understand the essential relationship between the director and the editor.

The programme is divided into three periods:

  • first period: practical exercises, film analysis, research and recceing (2 weeks)
  • second period: shooting the film (3 weeks)
  • third period: editing and post-production (2 weeks)

The training is for anyone who wants hands-on experience of documentary production or to question the way they have made documentaries up to now, with all that means regarding commitment. No technical prerequisites are required.

The workshop in Ajaccio is intended for people from the south-eastern France and Corsica, or indeed any country round the Mediterranean basin. The schedule encourages total immersion in the subject – it will be conducive to working and meeting other film-makers, as well as strengthening the group’s links with each other and their commitment to making a documentary film.

The goal is to construct together a sensitive, multi-faceted portrait of Corsica and the people who live there. At the end of the workshop, the trainees will help prepare the Corsica.doc festival, starting Monday, October 22nd 2019.

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