France / A new documentary slot on France 2

At a press conference on September 26th, France’s leading public channel announced its documentary programming will be strengthened for the 2017/2018 season.

Tu seras suédoise, ma fille

6 documentaries are already scheduled for prime-time broadcast on France 2 this year: they include wild-life (“Le plus bel ami de l’homme”, “Planète bleue” and “La vie secrète des animaux du village”), history (“Jeunesses hitlériennes, l’endoctrinement d’une nation” and “Histoire(s) d’une nation”), and uncontroversial tributes (“Johnny Hallyday, la France rock’n’roll”).

Also scheduled for early evening, two regular programmes presented by Laurent Delahousse. One will be on world-wide politics, “20h55”, with an upcoming report on the power behind Bashar al-Assad.

There will be a new documentary slot later in the evening: “25 nuances de doc”, featuring more personal documentaries from around the world, with forgotten films, previously unseen gems or the editorial staff’s favourites. Among the first documentaries in this series will be Claire Billet and Olivier Jobard’s “Tu seras suédoise, ma fille”: two Syrian refugees explain their exile in Sweden to their daughter born last April.

The Tuesday night “Infrared” slot will be renewed, with Marie Drucker presenting. Manon Loizeau and Annick Cojean’s “Syrie, le cri étouffé”, selected for this year’s PriMed, is one of the documentaries scheduled soon.

According to Caroline Got, executive director of France 2, last year the channel’s documentaries attracted an average of 3.2 million viewers, or 12.8% audience share.

Sources: communiqué de presse, CB News



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