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The Arab Cinema Centre (ACC), created by MAD Solutions, is launching a series of festivals around the world to promote Arab culture and heritage. Based in Cairo, the ACC is the first pan-Arab studio which creates, promotes and distributes Arabic content to and from the Arab world. Its first festival, “Mad 3araby” will be held in Prague from October 31st to November 4th, organized jointly with the Iranian Film Festival. More events like this to promote Arab films will be repeated later, particularly in countries where Arab films are not shown. According to the founders this type of initiative opens new horizons for Arab film-makers.

The ACC is already present in twenty film festivals and markets. It plans to print its own magazine in English (a digital version is available now on the ACC website) about new Arab productions and film festivals around the globe. The magazine is affiliated with, among others, the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Malaga Film Festival, the Cairo International Film Festival and the Mar Del Plata Film Festival.

In addition, the ACC has launched several initiatives to promote Arab culture in international markets: the Latin-Arab Co-production Forum, the Annual Critics’ Award, the Arab Cinema Personality of the Year and the Film Critics’ Award.

The ACC is considered by many in Egypt and the pan-Arab region as an international platform promoting Arab cinema since it connects the Arab film industry with its counterparts in different parts of the world through experience-sharing events and the usual networks. Through its website the ACC also helps local film-makers to reach international markets and film professionals in other countries to locate Arab productions easily.
Finally, the ACC has launched a guide to Arabic cinema in English, available on its official website. Focussing on Arab cinema and everything related to it, the guide offers a variety of tools to film-makers inside and outside the Arab region.

Source: Egypt Today, site internet du ACC

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