Croatia / Meeting of the Eurimages Board of Directors

The 158th meeting of the Eurimages Board of Directors will take place in Zagreb from March 16th to 20th. The previous meeting was last December in Berlin, during which sixteen projects were given production funding.

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Eurimages is the Council of Europe’s Cultural Fund. Created in 1989, it brings together 38 of the Union’s member states in addition to two associate members, Argentina and Canada. It offers financial support to independent films and encourages collaboration between professionals from different countries.

This next meeting, organized by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, is for delegates to choose which projects will be given production and distribution funding in 2020.
On March 18th, as part of the meeting, there will be a screening of The Diary of Diana B. (a film supported by Eurimages) at Zagreb’s Tuškanac cinema and a round table to discuss gender equality in broadcasting.

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