Algeria / Héliopolis will represent Algeria at the Oscars

The Comité de Sélection Algérien, whose job is to decide which film will represent Algeria at the Oscars for the Best International Feature Film Award, has chosen Djaffar Gacem’s Héliopolis.


Héliopolis is the producer/director’s first feature. An experienced broadcasting professional, he is known for his sitcoms and humorous series such as Nass Mlah City, Djemai Family, Achour El Acher and Mawed maa el qadar.

Héliopolis follows an Algerian family a few days before the independence demonstrations of May 8th 1945. The chair of the selection committee, Mohamed Lakhdar Hamina and the members of the jury praised the film’s technical, artistic and thematic quality. The cast includes many well-known Algerian actors – Souhila Maalem, Mourad Oudjit, Fodil Assoul, Naceredine Djoudi and Aziz Boukrouni.

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