Algeria / A charter for the Oran Festival of Arab Film

algerieBrahim Seddiki, the festival’s commissioner, announced that the 8th Oran Festival of Arab Film will start on June 3rd. The Algerian film-maker Mohammed Lakhdar Hamina will be honorary chairman. The commissioner also announced that “a charter for the Oran Festival of Arab Film is being drawn up. It will establish a set of traditions for this event and ensure its sustainability. It will also avoid any improvisation in the event’s preparation and management.” The charter will be “drawn up by the Ministry of Culture.” Finally, Turkey will be this year’s guest of honour.
The programme includes film screenings, a study day on “the scenario and adaptation” and a discussion about “the Arab novel and the cinema”. There will be tributes to the director Lakhdar Hamina and the writer Rachid Boudjedra. Two four-day training seminars on the film industry will be organized annually in February and September, each time with a different theme.
An emergency plan was launched to rehabilitate the three cinemas where the screenings will be held (the “Saada”, the former Colisée and the Maghreb, formerly The Regent).

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