Albania / Launch of Euronews Albania

Euronews AlbaniaOn Monday, November 5th Euronews announced the launch of its first franchise, in Albania. The French group, founded in 1993 and based in Lyon, has teamed up with IN Media Group to launch “Euronews Albania”.

As of next year, Euronews Albania will be offering television content and digital media targeted at Albanian-speaking viewers and Internet users in Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Kosovo. More than a hundred people will be recruited on site to complete the project.

Euronews has not invested in the project but brings its “expertise”, as the group’s chairman Michael Peters explained in a statement. The contents of the Albanian channel will have to keep within parameters agreed with the Euronews head office. The contract will be terminated immediately if it does not respect the established editorial line.

Created in 2013, the IN Media Group owns Albania’s only youth channel, IN TV. The group, led by Theodhori Cami, also runs IN Radio. Its director said that “Euronews Albania will offer a unique media standard, like no other in the region.” Michael Peters commented on the Albanian franchise: “Albania is the first, it’s a small market, but it’s good to have opened it and I hope there will be others.”



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