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JULYJuly 15th 2018
36th Festival Tous Courts
Scenarios of a 1st or 2nd movie in French, 30 minutes maximum
When: December 3rd to 8th 2018
Where : Aix-en-Provence, France
Website : click here
July 15th 2018
12th Corsica.Doc
Documentaries. It should be the director's first, second or third movie
When : October 24th to 28th 2018
Where : Ajaccio, France
Website : click here
July 15th 2018
10th International Film Festival of the Student
Student's movies, animation, fiction and documentaries, 2 films maximum per participant
When : December 11th to 14th 2018
Where : Casablanca, Morocco
Website : click here
July 15th 2018
28th Festival du Film Arabe de Fameck / Val de Fensch
Movies directed by an Arab directore, produced in an Arab country or which are related to an Arab country
When : October 3rd to 15th 2018
Where : Fameck, France
Website : click here
July 20th 2018
59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival
1st or 2nd movies
When : Novembre 1st to 11th 2018
Where : Thessaloniki, Greece
Website : click here
July 25th 2018
24th MedFilm Festival
Fictions and documentaries, long or short, produced in a mediterranean country
When : November 9th to 18th 2018
Where : Roma, Italy
Website click here
July 31th 2018
FIDEC - Festival International des Ecoles de Cinéma de Tétouan 201
Films directed in the frame of a training in cinema or broadcasting field
When : November 26th to 30th 2018
Where : Tetouan, Morocco
Website : click here
AUGUSTAugust 17th 2018
6th international bosphorus film festival
long and short fictions, animation, documentaries
When : October 26th to November 3rd 2018
Where : Istanbul, Turkey
Website : click here
August 24th 2018
40th Cinemed – Festival of International Mediterranean Cinema
Various categories (BE CAREFUL the deadline differs relatively to the categories!)
When : october 2018
Where : Montpellier, France
Website : click here
August 31st 2018
18th Brussels Mediterranean Cinema Festival
Long ans short fictions or documentaries
When : November 30th to December 7th 2018
Where : Brussels, Belgium
Website : click here
August 31st 2018
19th Festival du Film Court Francophone - "Un poing c'est court"
Francophone movies, maximum 30 minutes
When : January 19th to 27th 2018
Where : Vaux-en-Velin, France
Website : click here
SEPTEMBERSeptember 1st 2018
Carthage Film Festival
feature, animation or documentaries African and Arab from film schools (BE CAREFUL registration deadline changes depending on the categories!)
When: November 3rd to 10th 2018
Where : Carthage, Tunisia
Website : click here
September 3rd 2018
36ème TFF, Torino Film Festival
Long and short fictions or documentaries, produced after September 1st 2017
When : November 23rd to December 1st 2018
Where : Torino, Italy
Website : click here
September 10th 2018
40th Festival des 3 Continents
More than 45 minutes movies, director should be from Africa, Latin America or Asia
When : November 20th to 27th 2018
Where : Nantes, France
Website : click here
September 10th 2018
Torino Short Film Market (TSFM)
Short films
When : November 22nd to 25th 2018
Where : Torino, Italy
Wesite : click here
September 10th 2018
13th cinembanlieue festival « Talents en court » competition
Less than 30 minutes movies, tthe directore should be between 18 and 35 years old
When : November 7th to 16th 2018
Where : Paris, France
Website : click here
September 15th 2018
5th Porto/Post/Doc
International and portuguese documentaries
When : November 24th to December 2nd 2018
Where : Porto, Portugal
Website : click here
September 23rd 2018
40ème CIFF, Cairo International Film Festival
Films produced after septenber 2017
When : November 20th to 29th 2018
Where : Cairo, Egypt
Website : click here
OCTOBEROctober 1st 2018
30th Trieste Film Festival
Films produced in Central and Eastern Europe
When : January 18th to 25th 2019
Where : Trieste, Italy
Website : click here
October 8th 2018
20th Festival International du Film d'Aubagne
Short first movies with a special work on the soundtrack
When : March 2019
Where : Aubagne, France
Website : click here
October 15th 2018
15th ZagrebDox, Internationl documentaries festival
Documentaries or projects
When : February 24th to March 3rd 2019
Where : Zagreb, Croatia
Website : click here
October 15th 2018
20th Festival International du Film d'Aubagne
1st, 2nd or 3rd movies with original music
When : March18th to 23rd 2019
Where : Aubagne, France
Website : click here
NOVEMBERNovember 15th 2018
15ème ZagrebDox, International Documentaries Festival
Documentaries during production
When: February 24th to March 3rd 2019
Where : Zagreb, Croatia
Website : click here


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